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After seeing the issues first hand that schools have with managing their website, we decide to create Simple School Website.

Why use Simple School Website?

Our system focuses on the main parts of a school website and breaks them down into easy to-do tasks. This allows you to do quick updates and get on with more important things.

There is No Coding required and we have removed all the Jargon. Check out some of our key features below.

Multiple Image Upload
Automatic Image Resizing
No coding required
Create your own Banner
Quick & Easy to use
Mobile Version

Create an illustrated Banner using our Artwork

It's easy for you to personalise your website header by choosing from 100's of illustrated backgrounds, features, landmarks and children's activites.


Manage your Website from your tablet, mobile or computer

Our system works across platforms so you can update your school website on your classroom computer, or on the go with your mobile or tablet.


Five simple steps for a great looking site...

Add your Details

Header Art

Sections & Pages

Add Content

Pay & Publish


Affordable Annual Pricing

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General questions

Yes, just click the Try Now button. This will allow you to create and update the website before paying. Once your are happy with your website you pay and your website is live for all to view.
When you first create your website we provide you with a free domain name ( Once you decide to put the website live you will have the choice to add a premium domain name e.g. .com
Soon, we are working on an update to allow all staff to add to the website. There will also be an option to approve certain staff member updates.

Create & trial before paying anything...